41' Mechanical Reefer
Wood Reefer
Plug Door Box Car
Outside Braced Wood Gondola
Cattle Car
Steel Box Car
Quad Offset Hopper
Chemical Tank Car
Steel Gondola
Wood Side Box Car
Three Dome Tank Car
Depressed Center Flat Car
47' Covered Hopper 70 Ton
51' Mechanical Reefer
Hi-Cube Box Car -Smooth Side
Hi-Cube Box Car -Outside Braced
Center Flow Hopper
Flat Car with Load
United Aircraft Turbo Coach
Standard Combine
Standard Coach
Auto Transporter
Full Dome Passenger Car
Bicentennial Box Car
Wide Vision Caboose
Budd Amfleet Coach
Tri-Level Car Transporter
Plus Heavyweight Cars

65' Standard Combine -Lighted
No. 5601 -1969 Release

65' Standard Combine -Lighted
Santa Fe 
No. 5603 -1972 Release

65' Standard Combine -Lighted
Union Pacific
No. 5605 -1969 Release

Bachmann adds passenger service to its N-scale line in 1969. Two heavyweight passenger cars (65' Standard Combine and 65' Standard Coach) are joined by state of the art Budd Metroliners and United Aircraft Turbos. The 65' Standard Combine retails for $2.50 and has two roadnames (PRR and UP) in 1969. The catalog illustration is an HO-scale model.

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