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About The Author

Alco Century 415
Burlington Northern
No. 08338 -1972 Release

Life-Like Century 415 Penn Central

Alco Century 415
Penn Central
No. T237C -1972 Release

Alco Century 415
Rock Island
No. T237Q -1972 Release
No. 08335

Alco Century 415
Santa Fe 
No. T237B -1972 Release

This model of Alco center-cab Century 415 switcher first hit the HO-scale market from American, Train & Track.  Life-Like catalogs this model from 1972 until 1975. 
Made in Yugoslovia, this model has also been found in Model Power's product line in the past.  Most recently the tooling was issued with improvements to its drive in the U.S. from IHC Hobby around 2005.