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Life-Like F40PH Amtrak

F40PH Diesel

Life-Like F40PH Burlington Northern

F40PH Diesel
Burlington Northern
The Burlington Northern F40PH, along with the Union Pacific and The Rock examples, was new for Life-Like's 1982 catalog.  This group of roadnames, railroads that never owned F40PH diesels, was the first departure from more prototypical F40PH roadnames of previous years.

F40PH Diesel
A mid '80s group of commuter lines roadnames are added to Life-Like's F40PH roster that includes this California Department of Transportation or CalTrain release. 

F40PH Diesel
Canadian National

F40PH Diesel
GO Transit 
The GO Transit F40PH is a new release to the Life-Like line for 1980.  The GO Transit returns for Life-Like's 1981 catalog, but is gone from the '82 and later publications.

Life-Like MBTA F40PH

F40PH Diesel
The MBTA F40PH is one of two new roadnames added by Life-Like for this model in 1980.

F40PH Diesel
The Metra F40PH, along with the CalTrain; NJ Transit; and Nortran models, joins the Life-Like line in the mid-'80s.

F40PH Diesel
NJ Transit

Life-Like HO-Scale Trains

Life-Like HO-Scale
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F40PH Diesel

Life-Like HO-Scale Trains

Life-Like HO-Scale Trains

F40PH Diesel
Rock Island
Only a prototype shot of Amtrak's #210 F40PH is found in the 1978 Life-Like catalog that introduces the HO-scale F40PH model.  Life-Like does list a pair of roadnames for the F40PH in 1978 and they are Amtrak and Rock Island.  The Rock F40PH would go missing after being listed in the 1978 catalog, until its return as a new item in Life-Like's 1982 catalog.

Life-Like F40PH Chicago RTA

F40PH Diesel
RTA stands for Chicago's Regional Transit Authority that operates commuter rail service in the Chicagoland area.  The RTA Life-Like F40PH joins the roster in 1979 and takes the stock number, 08242, originally listed as Rock Island.

Life-Like Santa Fe F40PH

F40PH Diesel
Santa Fe
This red-and-silver warbonnet painted Santa Fe F40PH is among the final releases issued by Life-Like, before the Walthers purchase of the company's toy and hobby division.  Similar Santa Fe F40PH models have been availabe in the past from Bachmann and Pemco, but this Life-Like Santa Fe F40PH was only recently issued.

Life-Like F40PH Union Pacific

F40PH Diesel
Union Pacific
The "REALISTIC" red circle seen above is from an early 1980s Life-Like catalog, one might question that considering it is sitting on a UP F40PH. 

Life-Like's HO-scale EMD F40PH diesel is released in 1978. The model's 1978 retail was $18 and originally only a pair of roadnames were presented:  Amtrak and RTA (Regional Transportation Authority).  Model Railroader magazine reviews Life-Like's 1978 F40PH release and gives the model positive words.  The speed test showed a top end of 126 scale miles per hour for the single truck powered drive that utilized traction tires on four of its eight wheels.

A mid 1980s Life-Like catalog includes item number 8664, which is a dealer F40PH Locomotive Assortment.  This 8664 assortment included six F40PH with free Cabooses.
Below is Life-Like's introduction of the HO-scale F40PH locomotive in the company's 1978 product catalog.  The F40PH models carried  08240-series stock numbers.  A dealer assortment pack of six F40PH models was Life-Like's stock number 08240.