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F9-A Diesel Locomotive
Balitmore & Ohio
No. T233-A

F9-A Diesel Locomotive
Burlington Northern
No. T233-J

F9-A Diesel Locomotive
Canadian National

F9-A Diesel Locomotive
Canadian Pacific

Life-Like CNW F9-A

F9-A Diesel Locomotive
Chicago & Northwestern

F9-A Diesel Locomotive
Penn Central
No. T233-G

F9-A Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe
No. T233-B

F9-A Diesel Locomotive
Union Pacific 

From its appearance, the Life-Like F-9A looks to be the former American, Train & Track tooling.  During the early '70s, Life-Like imported a number of locos from Yugoslovia.  The Century 415 and 628, as well as RS-11 were all Yugoslovian-made examples.  The C-415 was also part of the defunct AT&T line and got another run thanks to Life-Like.
The Life-Like F-9A carried a $14.00 retail price and appears to have been issued as a powered loco only.  Life-Like gave the F-9A the stock number T233.
Click on the Life-Like ad below to see a larger version.  This ad appeared in the February 1974 edition of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine and includes the F-9A model.

Above is Life-Like's early 1970s Cannonball Diesel Freight train set.  Notice that it appears the Santa Fe A-unit is the Yugoslovian-made former American Train & Track F9-A, that Life-Like sold for a time in the early part of the 1970s.  It appears to be mated with the former Varney tooling F7-B in this set.  The Varney F7-A and F7-B tooling that Life-Like used was originally part of the Penn Line roster.  The catalog image I have for this Cannonball set features the former Varney F7-A and -B units and doesn't reflect the contents of this set.