4-6-0 Steam Engine

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4-6-0 Steam Engine
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4-6-0 Steam Engine
Denver & Rio Grande (not pictured)

4-6-0 Steam Engine

This steam engine model is another Varney survivor that doesn't remain for long in the Life-Like line.  The Life-Like 1970 catalog includes the 4-6-0 Steam Engine with a stock number of 900 and a retail price of $28 for the ready-to-run example.  The 4-6-0 is listed as being available in the pair of roadnames you find above and a picture is included for the Pennsy example. 
Like-Like's 1971 catalog price list refers to this model as a G-5 Casey Jones (4-6-0) and it is listed as a new product.  The same two roadnames, Pennsy and Rio Grande, are listed and the price is $28.00 in '71.