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American Train & Track C-415

Alco Century 415 Diesel
Penn Central 
No. 22 -1969 Release
Though the above image shows this model to have yellow handrails and steps, this has been applied by its owner and is not the way the model was offered by American Train & Track.

Alco Century 415 Diesel
Rock Island
No. 24 -1969 Release
Dressed in maroon and yellow and carrying a prototypically accurate roadnumber 415, the Rock Island Century 415 is pictured as it would appear new.  Notice the gray round plastic cylindars protecting the couplers, this was a feature found on AT&T's Yugoslovian-made Alco Century 415 models.

Alco Century 415 Diesel
Santa Fe
No. 21 -1969 Release

Alco Century 415 Diesel
Southern Pacific 
No. 23 -1969 Release

Alco Century 415 Diesel
No. 20 -1969 Release

Above is an announcement sheet for ATT's C-415 release.  You may click on the image for a larger version for better viewing.
American Train & Track's 1969 production run of HO-scale Alco Century 415 made in Yugoslovia was the first time this model was available in the United States.  Railroad Model Craftsman's July 1969 issue features a Test Track review of the ATT C-415 by Tony Koester.  In its review RMC notes the model retailed for $11.98 and was available in Rock Island, Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, and Penn Central.
The August 1969 issue of Model Railroader includes a review of this model in its "Trade Topics" column.  Among the comments it is stated ATT C-415, "appears to have been designed with the train set trade mostly in mind; however, it has both a very well performaing mechanism and other good features, so it is being reviewed here more from the viewpoint of what the scale-minded modeler can do with it."  The review notes the C-415 model is "little oversize, but not enough to detect easily, except that it does look too tall."
In the early '70s, Life-Like imported a run of these center cab Alcos.  The Life-Like offer appears to duplicate the roadnames sold by AT&T.  After Life-Like's run, Model Power cataloged the C415 for a time and in recent years IHC has offered this model with revisions to the drive and truck sideframes.
The ad below is from July 1969...