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ATT Baltimore & Ohio F9-A

EMD F9-A Diesel
Baltimore & Ohio
No. 45

Click to View Larger ATT Burlington Northern F9

Click to View Larger ATT Burlington Northern F9

EMD F9-A Diesel
No. 44

EMD F9-A Diesel
Penn Central 

EMD F9-A Diesel
Santa Fe

ATT Southern Pacific F9-A

EMD F9-A Diesel
Southern Pacific 
No. 42

ATT Union Pacific F9

ATT Union Pacific F9

EMD F9-A Diesel
Union Pacific 
No. 43

Another Yugoslovian-made entry in the American, Train & Track line is this HO-scale EMD F9-A diesel locomotive.  Somewhat better proportioned than the FT-A unit, this F9-A would survive and enjoy a long life in the hobby market.  Following AT&T's run, Life-Like brought this F9-A to the American market for a time in the early 1970s.  This same tooling appears again in the late '70s and 1980's in Model Power's line, while also playing substitute for TYCO's F9-A in final train set offerings around 1990.