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EMD FT-A Diesel
Baltimore & Ohio 
No. 48 -Powered
No. 28 -Non-Powered

American Train & Track FT Diesel

EMD FT-A Diesel
No. 46 -Powered
No. 26 -Non-Powered

EMD FT-A Diesel
No. 45 -Powered
No. 25 -Non-Powered

EMD FT-A Diesel
Santa Fe
No. 47 -Powered
No. 27 -Non-Powered

Released by American Train & Track in 1968, this HO-scale FT-A diesel was available in four roadnames: ATSF, B&O, CB&Q, and PRR.  The powered example retailed for $10.98; a non-powered example sold for $3.50.  This model was manufactured for ATT in Yugoslovia.  The model rides on FM trucks, similar to those found on AHM's BL2 and FM C-Liners, which also were products of the same maker in Yugoslovia.  According to its Loco Builders Photo entry in the June 1968 edition of Railroad Model Craftsman, this FT-A unit weighed 15 oz. and was 6-1/2" in length with truck mounted NMRA couplers and was capable of taking 15" radius curves.  The model was powered by a 5-pole permag motor vertically mounted powering the rear truck.  For its many shortcomings, this little FT-A does feature separately applied wire handrails, certainly a rare option on a simply RTR diesel of this era. 
In addition to American Train & Track's release, Precision had a run of this same FT-A unit as seen below.