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Though not found in TYCO catalogs, long box combination packs of a Locomotive and Caboose were a common item in the product line for many years.  In a somewhat confusing manner, TYCO issued a variety of models under stock numbers that don't always correspond to the loco's numbering as an individual relese.  The typical TYCO Brown Box was lengthened to hold both a locomotive and caboose.  A black slanted band ran between the loco and caboose on the package.  The band was bordered with rows of stars and carried the message BONUS MATCHING CABOOSE or something similar to note the combo deal.
Early 1974 appears to be the release date for the Alco 430 and Caboose offerings.  Railroad Model Craftsman includes an announcement for them in its Dispatcher's Report new products section of an early '74 issue. 

Locomotive with matching Caboose
Burlington Northern
No. 262-17

Locomotive with matching Caboose
Chessie System 
No. 261-03

Alco 430 with matching Caboose
Chessie System
No. 250-01
No. 250-A

Alco 430 with matching Caboose
Illinois Central Gulf 
No. 263-14
No. 250-B
No. 250-02

Locomotive with matching Caboose
Midnight Special
No. 262-19

Locomotive with matching Caboose
Rock Island
No. 263-10

Alco 430 Diesel with matching Caboose
Soo Line
No. 250-C
No. 250-03

Commemorative Locomotive
Spirit of 76
No. 250-00

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