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TYCO's Diesel Switcher

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TYCO Diesel Switcher

As basic as diesel power gets, the Diesel Switcher is typical of the industrial-style Plymouth unit. TYCO generally offered this little diesel with a couple freght cars and caboose in the entry level circle track train sets.

The model number remains 241 from its introduction to it demise, sometimes no note is made of different roadnames. Notice the Penn Central model carries the same generic '241' that the Santa Fe does in early years. The last catalog that shows the Diesel Switcher is the 1986 listing.

This unit empolyed a unqiue single truck drive that was only found in TYCO's line on the Diesel Switcher.  TYCO's model has two axles, while some Switchers with similar shells have three axles.  Though not confirmed, it is believe that the same tool and die work that this model's shell uses matches that of the Bachmann and at least also AHM offerings of the same period.  The TYCO Diesel Switcher had two separately applied horns on the cab roof and a handrail section on the front pilot; these items are not painted and are basic black plastic in color.

One of the first sightings of the TYCO Switcher is an announcement in the 'Dispatchers Report' column of the December 1971 Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. A picture of the Santa Fe blue-and-yellow switcher is presented along with the introduction announcement for the model on page 16 of that 12/71 RMC edition.

TYCO's little Diesel Switcher gets a second life in the product line beginning in 1983.  Starting with TYCO's G.I. Joe Electric Train and Battle Set (No.7418), the Diesel Switcher begins serving in various trains sets through 1986.  In addition to powering G.I. Joe's TYCO set, this model is also the loco for The Transformers Electric Train & Battle Set (No.7430); M.A.S.K. Electric Train Action Play Set (No.7410); and Rambo Electric Train and Battle Set (No.7415).  For the G.I. Joe and Rambo sets, the Diesel Switcher is essentially the same stock model wearing green.  It should be noted that these sets provided stickers for the finishing decoration to the models and thus a mint example would likely be unlettered from G.I. Joe and Rambo sets.  For its M.A.S.K. set, TYCO added chrome-plated guns to the poor little Diesel Switcher, which is painted blue and carries an orange-and-yellow stripe for this assignment.  Further alterations are applied to this model for Transformers service.  TYCO adds an antenna piece that attaches to the model's hood and sides that allows it to go into "Search Mode" according to the catalog.
Follow its excitement between 1983 and 1986, the Diesel Switcher is gone from TYCO's catalog beginning with the 1987 edition and thus apparently also gone from TYCO's line through the end of HO-scale trains in 1993. 
On occasion a somewhat larger, different tooling Diesel Switcher tends to pop up in certain mid-'80s TYCO train sets.  It is similar in basic design to the familiar and pictured here TYCO examples.

Notice the loco used by TYCO for its blueprint diagram on the back side of the later brown box offering.  At the time of this items availability no such 0-4-0 steam engine was in TYCO's product line. 

Diesel Switcher
Burlington Northern 
No. 241B -Earlly 1970s Release

Diesel Switcher
CP Rail
Most likely exclusive to the Canadian market and probably available during the early/mid 1970s.  TYCO appears to have produced at least two variations.  One version is painted a yellow-orange.  The other CP Rail is red and white.

TYCO G.I. Joe Diesel Switcher

Diesel Switcher
G.I. Joe 
-1983 Release in G.I. Joe train set only

Diesel Switcher
-1986 Release in M.A.S.K. train set only

TYCO Penn Central Switcher from the early '70s

Diesel Switcher
Penn Central
-Early 1970s Release

Diesel Switcher
-1986 Relase in Rambo train set only

Diesel Switcher
Santa Fe (Freight)
-Early 1970s Release


Diesel Switcher
Santa Fe Passenger
No. 241C
No. 241-21


Diesel Switcher
-1985 Release, as part of Transformers train set only


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