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TYCO Penn Central F-9B

F9B Diesel Locomotive
Penn Central 
-Early 1970s Release

TYCO Santa Fe Passenger F-9B Diesel Locomotive

F9B Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe
No. 230H
No. 230-21
From the beginning of its 1970s Brown Box Era, TYCO used a letter suffix designation on stock numbers to note roadnames, this changes with the 1975-76 catalog.  As of 1975, TYCO uses two-digit suffix numbers to note a loco or freight car's roadname.  The Santa Fe F9B would have been TYCO's 230H item, until the 1975 numbering change turned it to 230-21.  The Santa Fe F9B is last listed in a TYCO catalog in 1976 and is the last F9B offering under the TYCO name through the company's 1993 departure from HO-scale model trains.

As with TYCO's F-9A, the B or Booster unit is really a late phase F-7B, but was cataloged always as an F-9B.
During the "Red Box Era" prior to 1970, the B-unit can be found in a wide variety of roadnames and in Powered and Non-Powered versions.  During the "Brown Box Era" of the '70s, TYCO only officially catalogs a Santa Fe Passenger F-9B unit.  Collectors should note that other roadnames do appear for the F-9B in the famous TYCO "Brown Boxes," among them are a bright-green Penn Central offering.
The F-9B didn't fare as well as its A-unit counterpart under the Consolidated Foods ownership of TYCO. The F-9B last appears in the 1976 catalog.  Mantua re-introduces this loco during its second run in HO-scale model trains from 1978 through 2001.

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