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Offered in 1976 by TYCO was this set of five F-units under the banner Deluxe Diesel Locomotives.  The deluxe nature of these locos is the inclusion of the older design Mantua MU-2 powered truck.  This is essentially the same as what was standard issue for this model prior to the introduction of the Power Torque drive of the mid 1970s.  This group, correctly labeled as F7A models is advertised as being produced in the U.S.  The shells appear to be the same as Mantua-TYCO F-units of the 1960s and TYCO Brown Box F9As examples of the early 1970s.  The models were sold for $16 retail in 1976.  From the single example viewed in its box, they were not given any specialty packaging.  
Mantua would return to offering HO-scale model trains within a year of this 1976 group of deluxe diesels from TYCO.  Though not confirmed, this set of F7As may be the impetus or test run for the re-introduction by the Tyler family of its Mantua line of products.

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TYCO Deluxe F-7A Announcement

You may view a larger version of TYCO's ad placed in the July 1976 Railroad Model Craftsman, by clicking on the image below...

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Deluxe F7A Diesel Locomotive
Canadian National
No. 260-43 -1976 Release

TYCO Great Northern F-unit
Deluxe F7A Diesel Locomotive
Great Northern
No. 260-26 -1976 Release

Deluxe F7A Diesel Locomotive
Pennsylvania Passenger
No. 260-01 -1976 Release

TYCO Union Pacific Deluxe F-7A Diesel

Deluxe F7A Diesel Locomotive
Union Pacific
No. 260-22 -1976 Release

Deluxe F7A Diesel Locomotive
No. 260-99 -1976 Release

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