All Door Box Car -1st Release
All-Door Box Car
Cable Dispensing Car
Cattle Car
51' Center Flow Hopper
Box Car -Steel 40ft.
Wood Box Car
50-foot Hi-Roof Boxcar
Flat Car
Flat Car w/Containers
50' Gondola
50' Box Car
Covered Hopper
Hopper Open
Hopper 100-Ton
Mechanical Reefer
Tank Car
Tank Car 62ft. Triple Dome
51' Cars
Collectible Series 50' Hi-Roof Box Cars
Fast Freight 3-Pack
Beer Reefers
Spirit of '76

Good Humor
Series 1 (No.8480)

Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post "Four Freedoms"
Series 2 (No.8590)

Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post "Adults Helping Children"
Series 4  (No.8599)

Popsicle Ice Cream "Nostalgic Popsicle"
Series 5 (No.8457)

Life Magazine "America's History in Photos"
Series 6  (No.8411)

Sunday Comics 
Brenda Starr, Dick Tracy, Moon Mullins, Little Orphan Annie 
Series 7  (No.8673)

Sunday Comics
Betty Boop, Katzenjammer Kids, Prince Valiant, Mandrake Magician
Series 8  (No.8718)

Dr. Pepper and 7-Up