All Door Box Car -1st Release
All-Door Box Car
Cable Dispensing Car
Cattle Car
51' Center Flow Hopper
Box Car -Steel 40ft.
Wood Box Car
50-foot Hi-Roof Boxcar
Flat Car
Flat Car w/Containers
50' Gondola
50' Box Car
Covered Hopper
Hopper Open
Hopper 100-Ton
Mechanical Reefer
Tank Car
Tank Car 62ft. Triple Dome
51' Cars
Collectible Series 50' Hi-Roof Box Cars
Fast Freight 3-Pack
Beer Reefers
Spirit of '76

HO-Scale operators will quickly recognize these very familiar set of four cars.  All have appeared over the years from not only Life-Like, but also are found at times from AHM, Bachmann, Lionel-HO, Model Power, and possibly others too.
All four examples are 1973 releases for the Life-Like line.  March 1973 is listed release date from Life-Like for the 51' Mechanical Reefer; April brought the 51' Pneumatic Center Flow Hopper; May had the 51' Cable Dispensing Car; and June saw the release of the 51' All Door Box Car.
With the announcement of the Thrall Door Box Car in 1975, the former All Door Box Car is dropped from the catalog.  The 1975 catalog is the last time the other three examples (Mech Reefer; Center Flow; and Cable Car) appear in a Life-Like catalog.

Life-Like Center Flow Hopper

Pneumatic Center Flow Hopper
Santa Fe
Burlington Northern

Life-Like 51ft. Reefer SCL

Mechanical Reefer

Life-Like DT&I Cable Dispensing Car
Cable Dispensing Car
Illinois Central
Elgin Joliet & Eastern
Detroit Toledo & Ironton
Life-Like Pullman-Standard All-Door Box Car
Pullman-Standard All-Door Box Car
CN Newsprint (#T591A)
Can For -Canadian Forest Products (#T591B)
Bennett (#T591C)