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COX Accessories
Below are the many Accessories cataloged by COX during the company's offering of HO-scale model trains in the 1970s.  Included are both Athearn-made items, as well as items produced for COX after 1975 in Hong Kong under the company's own name.

Cat No: 6231-3 and 62 3040
Descripton:  Bridge section and various height supports needed to elevate track to create a Figure 8 layout
Catalog Appearances:  Early '70s Catalogs; 1975; 1976

COX Dock with Loads

No. 6232-5
Descripton:  This two-color Accessory included the Cargo Set (#6232-4) and a bumper section of brass track.  The package shown above includes French language labeling and thus is a Canadian market box.
Catalog Appearances:  1976 and 1977

Cat No: 6232-4
Descripton:  This set included a pair of 20' Sea-Land Containers; 3 wooden Crates; and 2 Oil Drum Pallets.  All items are plastic-molded.  The Sea-Land Containers are based on the Athearn tool and die model work.  The containers are the only item in the set that is decorated, as there are stamped with the Sea-Land logo.  The wooden Crates are molded in brown; while the Oil Drum Pallets are cast in black plastic.  The Cargo Set is not listed among Accessories in the 1975 catalog, however the individual items are among the contents of some of the Dockside Trainscapes.
Catalog Appearances:  1976

COX Cargo Ship

Cat No: 6231-7
Descripton:  Though produced for the 1975 product line offerings and included in the Dockside Crane, Conveyor & Freighter Set (#6085) and the Dockside Train And Freighter Set (#6082), the Cargo Ship is not listed as a separate Accessory until the 1976 COX catalog.  This white ship with red stripe carries the name "San Diego" in 1976, while its name is "Judith Ellen" in 1975's catalog.  Not having a sample to review, one might suspect that a sticker sheet was perhaps provided that included various names for this item.
Catalog Appearances:  1976

COX Dockside Conveyor

Cat No: 6232-3
Descripton:  As an Accessory available separately, the Dockside Conveyor is found first among COX's Trainscape Accessories in 1976.  This blue motorized Conveyor used a black vinyl belt that could transport the 20' Containers, Crates, and Oil Drum Pallets.  As it was an electrically operated item, the Dockside Conveyor would have to be wired to the Accessory terminal of a Power Pack for proper operation. The Conveyor was controlled with a black plastic box that had a small level on its base.  In the 1975 catalog, the Dockside Conveyor is shown with a pair of red wires coming from it and going into a typical train block or switch control unit.
Catalog Appearances:  1976

Cat No: 6232-2
Descripton:  This Dock features a pair of guide tracks for COX's Gantry Crane (#6233-3) to ride back and forth.  The Loads are the Cargo Set (#6232-4).
Catalog Appearances:  1976

COX Gantry Crane

Cat No: 6233-3
Descripton:  This large blue overhead Gantry Crane was the centerpiece of COX's Dockside Trainscape items.  On one end it featured a claw on thread that could be lowered to grasp a Container or Crate.  COX also produced the Gantry Crane in a yellow color, in addition to blue.
Catalog Appearances:  1976

Cat No: 6234-3
Descripton:  Yellow vehicle that sits on top of the COX lumber loads.  Has spring action claws on its sides to hold the lumber load in place.  This item was included in some of the Big Pine Trainscapes Sets. 
Catalog Appearances:  1975;1976

COX Lumber Shed with Loads

Cat No: 6234-5
Descripton:  First found among the Big Pine Lumber items in the 1975 COX catalog, the Lumber Shed with Loads is a separately listed Trainscape Accessory item in 1976.  The Lumber Shed is two yellow roof sections sitting side-by-side with legs to allow storage of the wood planks beneath it.  The Lumber Shed featured a "Big Pine Lumber Co." sign.  The Loads in this set are five of the wood planks.  The planks are wood colored with red ends.
Catalog Appearances:  1976

Cat No: 6232
Descripton:  HO-scale green U.S. Army Tank.  In addition to being sold as a separate item, the M-47 Tank also found itself on the COX 50' Flat Car both as an Army Flat Car with Tank (#6150-8) and as a black Santa Fe Flat Car with Tank (#6150-6)
Catalog Appearances:  1975; 1976

COX Crossing Gates

Cat No: 6231-2 and 62 3120
Descripton:  Gray plastic base with four-lane highway markings and pair of non-lighted crossing bucks with black and white stripped gates.  This item was available in the '60s under Athearn's own name and was produced by that company for COX in the early 1970s.
Catalog Appearances:  Early '70s Catalogs

Cat No: 6230-5 (Yellow) and 6230-6 (Army Green)
Descripton:  HO-scale Road Grader was sold in two colors as separate Accessory item and also found in Army Green on the back of a 50' Army Flat Car (#6150-7) and in Yellow on the 50' Santa Fe Flat Car (#6150-5).  This example of a Road Grader continues to be found in HO-scale trains today under the Model Power name.  After COX's departure from the train business, AHM sold similar examples of this item.
Catalog Appearances:  1975; 1976

Cat No: 6234-1
Descripton:  Introduced in Big Pine Lumber Trainscape sets in 1975, the Sawmill and Sawdust Burner are featured as a separately available Accessory in 1976.  The Sawmill is a yellow building structure with brown roof carrying a "Big Pine Lumber Co." sign sitting on a brown cast base.  The base has a groove section to place a straight section of track across it and has the level control to work COX's Log Dump Car (#6152).  The Sawdust Burner is black in color and is silo-shaped.
Catalog Appearances:  1976

Cat No: 6232-8

Cat No: 6151-5

Cat No: 6230-4
Descripton:  24-piece collection of plastic-molded and fully decorated telephone poles and railroad related signs.  The set carries the modified name of "Telephone Pole & Track Sign Set" in the 1975 catalog.
Catalog Appearances:  Early '70s Catalogs; 1975

Cat No: 62 2010 and 6220-1
Descripton:  1-amp power pack with speed control dial and train direction switch
Catalog Appearances:  Early '70s Catalogs; 1975; 1976

No. 6220-1

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