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About The Author

Growing up in the '70s, I was lucky to have been the right age to enjoy the many companies that entered and in many cases quickly exited the HO-scale trains market.  My train layout in those days was packed with offerings from AHM, Athearn, Atlas, Bachmann, Cox, Like-Like, Lionel-HO, Pemco, Revell and of course TYCO...and today decades later I still enjoy a look through those company's old catalogs. 
In 2000, I noticed that there was no site devoted to TYCO's line of trains and I was surprised and thought such a site would be enjoyed by many.  Today, nearly seven years later, the TYCO site is one of many I maintain and continually expand and enhance.  My sites received thousands of visitors each day, proving that there are a great many other folks out there with an interest in older ready-to-run trains.
Thanks for visiting the COX Model Trains Resource and stop by again in the near future, there's always something new to see!
Pictured above is this site's author back in the fall of 1970, standing on the Gulf Mobile & Ohio's line between St. Louis and Kansas City.  I grew up in Jerseyville, Illinois and the GM&O was my hometown railroad and remains a favorite of mine to this day.
Terry Cook photo

Please note that this site was created for use by those with an interest in HO-scale model trains and does not necessarily represent the current line available today. The author is not affiliated with, nor representing Cox in any way. This site is intended for your enjoyment and information only.
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