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Above is an October 1973 ad featuring the Athearn-made COX model train items.  COX's advertising campaign in the early '70s, during the Athearn-produced product line, boasted realism.

COX Early '70s Catalog

Pictured above is a COX Catalog from the early 1970s. Beginning around the holiday season of 1971 and continuing until the 1975 product line, COX's HO-scale trains were simply Athearn items in COX boxes.  The February 1972 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine includes a new products report from that year's Model Railroad Industry Association trade show held in Philadelphia.  COX was at the '72 MRIA trade show with its then-new line of Athearn-produced ready-to-run train sets.

COX Crossing Gates

The Athearn produced COX line included not only trains, but a few accessories. Pictured above is "Crossing Gate Section"(No. 62 3120), this item was originally offered by Athearn in the early '60s and makes this brief return in the early '70s. When COX moves production overseas to Hong Kong for the 1975 line, this item is dropped from the catalog.

Typical of many HO-scale train product catalogs, notice the problems in the picture. The left crossing buck is missing the top part of the "X", the right crossing buck is missing everything above the gate, and the caboose's truck is off the track! Damaged items and derailed trains are very typical from nearly every catalog reviewed from every producer of model trains. Seems like these things would be proofed a bit more closely before going to press, but seldom were errors like this caught.

COX Piggyback and Truck Set

COX 50' Flat Car with Piggyback

The Athearn produced COX line included only one item not found among Athearn's catalog. Pictured above is that item, a 50' Flat Car with Piggyback(No. 61 5010). The basic 50' Flat Car and 40' Piggyback were standard pieces in Athearn's line, the new feature is the bed cast to hold the Piggyback. This item remains in the COX line after 1975, but the Hong Kong version differs from this original Athearn creation.

COX Truck Terminal Set and Van & Truck Set

A new item not previously available from Athearn was COX's "Truck Terminal Set"(No. 62 3010), which was a one-piece plastic-cast loading ramp. The "Van & Truck Set"(No. 62 3020) is the standard Athearn 40' van or piggyback with a truck that was also among Athearn's product line. All these items remain in COX's line after the 1975 move to Hong Kong imported trains. The 40' piggyback does become different in style from that of the Athearn. Walthers offered this same COX 40' piggyback recently in their product line.

COX F-7A Santa Fe

The Athearn produced COX line included the F-7A and B; GP-35; SW-1500; U28-C; PA-1; and Hustler locomotives. Rolling Stock produced by Athearn for COX included the 40' Box Car; 50' Plug Door Box Car; 40' Reefer; 40' Box Car -Grain Loading; 40' Hopper; 40' Cattle Car; 3-Dome Tank Car; 62' Tank Car; Single-Dome Tank Car; 50' Gondola -Covered; 50' Gondola -Open; Caboose -Cupola Type; Caboose -Bay Window Type; 50' Auto Box Car; and Athearn's Streamline Passenger Cars.

All items are dropped in 1975, with the exception of the PA-1 loco and the Streamline Passenger Cars. All were offered only in Southern Pacific Daylight and are shown as available separately in the 1975 catalog. They are gone in the 1976 catalog, ending COX's association with Athearn produced trains.

The majority of the Cox offerings produced by Athearn were items also found in the Athearn line.  Exceptions include the Penn Central F7A, GP35, and Standard Caboose produced for Cox and not found in Athearn's catalog.

Please note that this site was created for use by those with an interest in HO-scale model trains and does not necessarily represent the current line available today. The author is not affiliated with, nor representing Cox in any way. This site is intended for your enjoyment and information only.
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