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COX's original catalogs for its line of HO-scale Trains featured only trains.  COX enters the HO-scale ready-to-run market in the early 1970s with a group of Athearn-made model trains.  For this early group of products a number of full-color catalogs were produced.  In general, they all feature about the same items within their pages.  Sadly, they do not include year of publication markings.  All are from before 1975 and the introduction of COX's second group of Hong Kong-made HO-scale trains.

In addition to the above pictured early COX Trains catalog featuring a Southern Pacific GP-35, there is also a catalog with a red Burlington GP-35 passing the Operating Crossing Gates.  COX also has an Athearn-Era catalog with three artist renditions of train sets in bands across the front cover.  The three train sets featured on the cover of that COX catalog are the Southern Pacific Daylight passenger train; the Santa Fe F-7A and B set; and the Union Pacific U28-C train set.

Below is the GO COX! catalog from 1974.  The back of this publication carries a 12/73 marking leading one to guess this catalog was printed/released at the start of 1974.  This is an important year for COX, as it represents the introduction of the GP9 and F3A Hong Kong-made model trains.

"COX '75" is the second year/catalog to feature the Hong Kong produced line of HO-scale trains that serves as the focus for this web site.

This catalog is 40-pages of full-color and includes the HO-scale trains beginning on page 23 and continuing through the end of the catalog.

The first section is "Engine Powered Models" and runs through page 16. This section displays COX's R/C planes and automobiles.

Pages 17-22 contain COX's 1/32-scale race cars. Called "Super Scale," there are four race sets shown with eight different race cars available.

"COX Power '76" is a 44-page full-color review of the bicentennial year's product lines.

"Engine Power Cars and Planes" open the catalog and run through page 24. HO-scale trains enter on page 25 and conclude on page 38. The last section of the catalog is titled, "Wheel Power Big Car Racing" and deals with COX's 1/32-scale race car sets.

The 1977 COX catalog is titled "1977 The New Age of COX" and does include eight pages of the Hong Kong-produced HO-scale train line.   COX had no new releases for its train line in '77, according to the its catalog.  The catalog displays a few train sets, accessories, and a limited number of engines and rolling stock as compared to the 1975 and 1976 catalogs.  The 1977 COX catalog is the final one to date that included HO-scale trains to my knowledge.

The Canadian market saw a number of unique and exclusive items in the COX HO-scale train line.  Catalogs from COX parent company Leisure Dyanmics included the HO-scale train line in Canada.  Below you'll find a link to the COX Trains Catalogs section and information regarding the Canadian issued publications.  Click on the catalog cover image below to view this catalog.

Please note that this site was created for use by those with an interest in HO-scale model trains and does not necessarily represent the current line available today. The author is not affiliated with, nor representing Cox in any way. This site is intended for your enjoyment and information only.
Images and information presented on this site comes from a variety of sources including magazines, internet, catalogs, visitor input, and the author's collection.