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It's hard to imagine keeping a totally new product line a secret today with all the communication found on the internet, however Railroad Model Craftsman states that Atlas "surprised everyone" at the 1971 Chicago Hobby Show with its then-new line of O Scale. Pictured on this page are images from that trade show of early spring 1971

Tony Koester handles the initial review of the Atlas O line in the May 1972 Test Track column in Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. Mr. Koester gave good marks to the then-new line from Atlas stating, "The superb detail make this line an exceptional value for the newcomer and veteran alike."

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"Coming or Going" is the first advertisement in the hobby magazines promoting the brand new Atlas O scale line of model trains. This ad is from late 1971. The ad features virtually the entire line of Atlas O locos and rolling stock. The Plymouth Switcher, Bobber Caboose, and Ore Car are the only additions to the line during its time of availability in the 1970s. The line is promoted heavily during 1972 and into 1973 by Atlas. Interest in O scale appears to slip away however and you'll not find Atlas include its Roco-made items in advertising beyond 1973. The remains of this line remained in Atlas catalogs until the early 1980s.

Atlas O Scale

Atlas O Scale Plug Door Box Car

Atlas O Scale

Atlas O Scale
                                             Box Car

Atlas O Scale