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70-Ton Ore Car
Bessemer & Lake Erie
No. 6263 -1972 Release

70-Ton Ore Car
Canadian National
No. 6262 -1972 Release

70-Ton Ore Car
No. 6261 -1972 Release

70-Ton Ore Car
Union Pacific 
No. 6264 -1972 Release

Atlas' O-scale 70-ton Ore Car is reviewed as a new product in the January 1973 Test Track column of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine. Both Canadian National and Bessemer samples are shown in the review. The UP example is found in the pages of the October 1972 edition of Model Railroader magazine. Model Railroader's review states Atlas' model is a 1950s Greenville Steel Car Co. prototype with 70-ton capacity and length of just under 25 feet.

Four roadnames were offered for the Ore Car: B&LE, CN, Missabe, and UP. The model retailed for $5.

Atlas O scale Ore Car