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40-foot Stock Car
No. 6221 -1971 Release

40-foot Stock Car
Chicago & North Western 
No. 6222 -1971 Release

40-foot Stock Car
Rio Grande
No. 6223 -1971 Release

40-foot Stock Car
Union Pacific
No. 6224 -1971 Release

Atlas debuts its Trainman line in the spring of 2005 and the 1970s 40-foot Stock Car model is among the classic toolings returned to hobby store shelves. The 40-foot Box Car, Plug Door Box Car, 52-foot Gondola and Wide-Vision Caboose are the other models to be included in the new Trainman collection of 2005.

Boasting on the detail of their new line, Atlas asks "Which ones are REAL?" in this February 1972 ad.