Barnum Special Car
Lincoln Funeral Car
Old Time Baggage
Old Time Combine
Old Time Coach
1920 Railway Post Office
1920 Combine
1920 Pullman
1920 Duplex Sleeper
1920 Diner
1920 Coach
1920 Observation
1930 Smooth Side Baggage Car
1930 Railway Post Office
1930 Coach
1930 Pullman
1930 Duplex Sleeper
1930 Vista Dome Coach
1930 Observation

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AHM's 1967-68 catalog includes the Rivarossi-made 1930 Smooth Side Passenger Cars.  The models appear to generally favor the Pennsy's Broadway Limited cars.  The AHM 1967-68 includes a Broadway Limited logo on the pages detailing these cars.  Delivery for the 1930 Smooth Side Passenger Cars is stated as Fall 1967.  AHM's 1967-68 catalog shows the Railway Post Office; Sleeper; Coach, Vista Dome Coach; and Observation.  Interestingly, AHM would later refer to these cars as "1930," but the 1967-68 catalog only labels the RPO as a 1930 car; the others all carry a "1935" year.  The original retail on the RPO; Sleeper; and Coach was $3.98.  The Observation first sold for $4.50 and the Vista Dome was the pricey car of the group at $4.95.

AHM's 1930 Smooth Side Passenger Cars make their final run in the company's line with the 1981 product catalog.  For '81, AHM features the cars available with interior and also with interior and constant lighting.  Rivarossi would offer the cars again under its own name following the AHM release.

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