Barnum Special Car
Lincoln Funeral Car
Old Time Baggage
Old Time Combine
Old Time Coach
1920 Railway Post Office
1920 Combine
1920 Pullman
1920 Duplex Sleeper
1920 Diner
1920 Coach
1920 Observation
1930 Smooth Side Baggage Car
1930 Railway Post Office
1930 Coach
1930 Pullman
1930 Duplex Sleeper
1930 Vista Dome Coach
1930 Observation

1930 Duplex Sleeper
No. 6406-AM

1930 Duplex Sleeper
Baltimore & Ohio
No. 6284-B
No. 6406-B

1930 Duplex Sleeper
Burlington Northern
No. 6406-BN

1930 Duplex Sleeper
Chicago & North Western 
No. 6406-CW
The lettering on this CNW sleeper includes the Pullman name, plus the car's name, "Northern Forest."

1930 Duplex Sleeper
Denver & Rio Grande
No. 6406-RG

1930 Duplex Sleeper
Illinois Central 
No. 6406-IC
The car name on this Illinois Central sleeper is "Baton Rouge."

1930 Duplex Sleeper
No. 6406-L

1930 Duplex Sleeper
New York Central 20th Century Limited 
No. 6406-CE
Both sides of same car are presented above to illustrate design.

1930 Duplex Sleeper
Northern Pacific 
No. 6384-G

1930 Duplex Sleeper
Pennsylvania Railroad 
No. 6284-P
No. 6406-P

1930 Duplex Sleeper
Santa Fe "Blue Goose" 
No. 6406-BG

1930 Duplex Sleeper
Southern Pacific
No. 6406-SP

1930 Duplex Sleeper
Union Pacific
No. 6284-U
No. 6406-UP

1930 Duplex Sleeper
Union Pacific -Overland
No. 6406-UG

1930 Duplex Sleeper
No. 6406-NF

The Trade Topics section highlighting new product information in the June 1970 Model Railroder magazine includes AHM's Streamlined Duplex Sleeper. This car was a new addition to AHM's collection of passenger cars in mid-1970. The articles states, "this makes five cars which can be used to make up many interesting and different trains." The four cars that preceeded the Duplex Sleeper to AHM's line included: the coach, obs, sleeper, and RPO. Original roadnames included: Pennsy, B&O, UP, and NP. The car first sold for $4.98.