Barnum Special Car
Lincoln Funeral Car
Old Time Baggage
Old Time Combine
Old Time Coach
1920 Railway Post Office
1920 Combine
1920 Pullman
1920 Duplex Sleeper
1920 Diner
1920 Coach
1920 Observation
1930 Smooth Side Baggage Car
1930 Railway Post Office
1930 Coach
1930 Pullman
1930 Duplex Sleeper
1930 Vista Dome Coach
1930 Observation

1920 Diner
Alton Limited "Bloomington"
No. 6204-21
No. 13024 w/Interior
No. 13324 w/Interior and Lights

1920 Diner
Baltimore & Ohio
No. 6213
No. 6204-B

1920 Diner
Baltimore & Ohio -Capital Limited 
No. 13014 w/Interior

1920 Diner
Central of New Jersey -Blue Comet
No. 6204-BC
No. 13044

1920 Diner
Crescent Limited
No. 6204-CL
No. 13034 w/Interior
No. 13334 w/Interior and Lights

AHM Heavyweight Passenger

1920 Diner
Chesapeake & Ohio
No. 6204-C

1920 Diner
Milwaukee Road
No. 6204-M
No. 6304-M w/Lights

1920 Diner
New Haven
No. 6223
No. 6204-NH

1920 Diner
Pennsylvania Railroad 
No. 6273
No. 6204-P

1920 Diner
Pennsylvania Work Train
No. 6204-W

1920 Diner
Santa Fe 
No. 6263
No. 6204-SF
The above image is taken from AHM's 1967-68 catalog.  Notice the car is shown with NEM couplers used in Europe.  The AHM imported cars included X2F couplers.

1920 Diner
Royal American Shows 
No. 6204-RC

1920 Diner
No. 6204-NF

1920 Diner
Union Pacific -Overland 
No. 6204-UG
No. 6304-28
Above is a lighted version of this car, note the metal wheels and axles and the electrical pick-up on the wheelset.

1920 Diner
No. 6204-WA