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Site Notes

Information presented on this site is based on numerous sources.  AHM's catalogs and various price listings have been utilized to establish the many offerings the company imported during its history.

AHM Catalog 1970s

Additional information support for this site has been obtained from examining items at swap meets and eBay.   Direct inupt from fellow collectors also has been an invaluable asset in cataloging the many items AHM once offered. 

The information presented on this site is verified as much as possible.  Speculation is not the general rule and when I do find myself having to guess or suggest something, I will present this information with that caution that it is thought to be correct based on what was available to me in making a decision and presenting information.

AHM 1980 Catalog

One great benefit of having this site is its ability to expand, update, and correct itself when necessary.  Though AHM has been gone from the hobby business for over two decades, interesting items continue to surface and are incorporated in the site all the time.

About The Author

My name is Tony Cook and I have enjoyed a life-long interest in both railroads and model railroading.  The AHM line of model trains has always held a prime interest to me and I have enjoyed learning about their product line, as I've overseen this website. 
The above picture is of me in 1972 visiting a rather famous spot in Utah.
Terry Cook photo