Morrell Home

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Morrell Home
From its introduction to through an appearance in a 1973 catalog, Life-Like labeled this offering the "Morrell Home."  For the 1974 catalog, the kit was the "Morrell House."  It was a "Home" again in the late '70s, the kit is also found with the Morrell name short by one "L" in some examples.
Life-Like recycles this kit into the Rural Residence offering in the early '80s.  The kit is provided a backyard satellite dish, but appears unchanged beyond this addition.
The 1973 asking price for this Life-Like kit was $3. 
Below you find this kit pictured in an overhead view complete with landscaping in place.  Life-Like in the early/mid '70s used images such as what you see below, however the kits did not come with a base and landscaping materials.
The 1980 Life-Like catalog is the final appearance for this kit as the Morrell Home; it returns in the mid-'80s as the Rural Residence kit.

Below you'll find Life-Like's announcement for the Morrell Home and its companion models.  This Typically "Suburbia" HO House Kits was a section in a Life-Like Landscaping and Scenic Materials catalog that did not include the HO-scale model trains themselves.  Note that the kit is labeled the Morrell "House" and not Morrell "Home," as it was generally called in later Life-Like publications.

Morrell Home -Assembled
A 1973 Life-Like Landscaping and Scenic Material catalog includes a section displaying pre-assembled versions of some kits.  The Morrell Home is among the kits shown.  The retail for an assembled version is $7.00 in 1973; the kit form sold then for $3.00.  I have not seen a Life-Like pre-assembled kit of this type and can not comment on its possible packaging.  Notice in the picture from the catalog that the house includes a large For Sale sign carrying the kit's name.  This too, I can not confirm as being a part of this offering.