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1977 The New Age of COX Catalog

The New Age of COX catalog was published to promote 1977 product .  It appears this new age was not to favor HO-scale model trains to the extent they enjoyed in previous years. 
The 1977 COX catalog contains 64 pages and HO-scale model trains take up pages 52-59.  Five train sets are featured, followed by a pair of pages covering Big Pine Lumber and Dockside accessories.  Finally, the last two pages display a very limited selection of rolling stock and even more limited locomotive selection.  The Championship Train GP9 is the only locomotive shown as a separately sold item in 1977.
To my knowlege, this is the final COX catalog in America to feature HO-scale model trains.  The line does surface again in 1978 and 1979 in Canadian Leisure Dynamics catalogs.