0-4-0 Switcher
4-8-4 Northern
United Aircraft Turbo
Budd Metroliner
Docksider 0-4-0
Plymouth 0-6-0 Diesel
0-6-0 USRA Switcher
American 4-4-0
Prairie 2-6-2
Consolidation 2-8-0
Mikado 2-8-2
Plasser EM80C
Brill Trolley
PCC Trolley
EMD SD40-2
Class J 4-8-4
Plus F7A
Plus F7B
Spectrum GE Dash 8-40C
Spectrum GE Dash 8-40CW
Spectrum Doodlebug
Spectrum 2-8-0 Consolidation
Spectrum F7A & B
Spectrum Acela Express
Spectrum 4-8-2 Light Mountain
Spectrum EMD SD45
Spectrum 2-6-6-2 Articulated
Spectrum HHP-8
Spectrum 2-10-0 Decapod
Spectrum RF-16 A&B
GE B23-7/B30-7
FM H16-44
Spectrum 4-8-2 Heavy Mountain
Spectrum C&O Vanderbilt Tender
Spectrum Long Tender
Spectrum Short Tender
Spectrum Slope Back Tender
Spectrum Medium Tender
Spectrum 44-Ton Switcher
Baldwin 4-6-0
Spectrum 70-Ton Diesel
Spectrum Peter Witt Streetcar
Alco RS-3

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
No. 63598 -2002 Release

Bachmann N-scale GP40 B&O

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
Baltimore & Ohio
No. 6001 -1968 Release

Bachmann N-Scale Resource

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
Burlington (CB&Q)
No. 6002 -1968 Release
No. 4603 -1969 Release
No. 51-635-16 -1982 Release

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
Burlington Northern
No. 4609 -Powered -1973 Release
No. 4629 -Dummy -1973 Release
No. 51-635-03 -Powered -1982 Release

Bachmann N-scale GP40

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
Chessie System
No. 63559 -2007 Release

Bachmann N-scale

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
No. 63556 -2003 Release

Bachmann N-scale GP40 CP Rail

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
CP Rail
No. 4615 -Powered -1971 Release
No. 4635 -Dummy -1971 Release

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EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
Great Northern
No. 6003 -1968 Release
No. 4604 -1969 Release

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
Illinois Central Gulf
No. 4618 -Powered -1975 Release

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
Penn Central
No. 4600 -1969 Release

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
No. 6000 -1968 Release

Bachmann N-Scale Resource

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
No. 4611 -1969 Release

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EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe
No. 6005 -1968 Release
No. 4606 -1969 Release
No. 51-635-02 -1982 Release
There are at least two variations to the Santa Fe GP40, one carries roadnumber 890, another carries 6005.  Examine the two Santa Fe GP40s presented here and spot the differences between Bachmann's original 1968 tooling and revised example.  The 6005 is the original tooling and the 890 is the revised shell.

Bachmann N-scale GP40

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
Santa Fe -Blue and Yellow
No. 63552 -2002 Release

Bachmann N-scale GP40 Southern

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
Southern Pacific
No. 4601 -1979 Release
No. 51-635-07 -1982 Release

Bachmann N-scale GP40

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
Union Pacific
No. 6004 -1968 Release
No. 4605 -1969 Release
No. 63551 -2007 Release

Bachmann N-scale GP40

EMD GP40 Diesel Locomotive
Western Maryland
No. 63587 -2002 Release

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Bachmann's first N-scale geep is this EMD GP40 diesel locomotive. It is interesting to note that Bachmann re-tools their GP40 and F9-A units just a few after introducing them. The original Bachmann N-scale GP40 suffers from being too wide for scale proportions. I measure the long hood at 8-feet wide for the original tooling.
The revised tooling is reviewed by Model Railroader in the September 1969 issue. The review spotted the hood as being 7-feet wide, rather than a scale 6-feet wide. The magazine review also points out the undersized fuel tank. Model Railroader also labels the handrail design "unorthodox." The handrail design is found on a handful of ready to run N- and HO-scale models of this period. Perhaps to make them more durable, the handrail stanchions are cast along a strip of plastic that snaps into the sill of the shell. The strip runs from end to end along the side fo the shell. You'll find this not only on this N-scale Bachmann GP40, but also the HO-scale example. It is also found on certain Yugoslavian-made Mehano offerings and Life-Like's HO-scale GP38-2.

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