0-4-0 Switcher
4-8-4 Northern
United Aircraft Turbo
Budd Metroliner
Docksider 0-4-0
Plymouth 0-6-0 Diesel
0-6-0 USRA Switcher
American 4-4-0
Prairie 2-6-2
Consolidation 2-8-0
Mikado 2-8-2
Plasser EM80C
Brill Trolley
PCC Trolley
EMD SD40-2
Class J 4-8-4
Plus F7A
Plus F7B
Spectrum GE Dash 8-40C
Spectrum GE Dash 8-40CW
Spectrum Doodlebug
Spectrum 2-8-0 Consolidation
Spectrum F7A & B
Spectrum Acela Express
Spectrum 4-8-2 Light Mountain
Spectrum EMD SD45
Spectrum 2-6-6-2 Articulated
Spectrum HHP-8
Spectrum 2-10-0 Decapod
Spectrum RF-16 A&B
GE B23-7/B30-7
FM H16-44
Spectrum 4-8-2 Heavy Mountain
Spectrum C&O Vanderbilt Tender
Spectrum Long Tender
Spectrum Short Tender
Spectrum Slope Back Tender
Spectrum Medium Tender
Spectrum 44-Ton Switcher
Baldwin 4-6-0
Spectrum 70-Ton Diesel
Spectrum Peter Witt Streetcar
Alco RS-3

Bachmann's 1968 catalog includes the introduction of the company's N-scale model train line. The catalog illustrations all feature HO-scale models subbing for the N-scale items. The GP40 pictured appears to be an Athearn GP35 with the middle radiator fan raised to give the look of a GP40. The mock-up model is custom painted in Santa Fe red-and-silver passenger colors and carries roadnumber 4561. The F9-A found in the 1968 catalog is a TYCO Union Pacific model and the F9-B is TYCO's Canadian National model. Diesel Locomotives at the '68 launch included the GP40, F9-A and F9-B.

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