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Alco RS-3

Bachmann N-scale UA Turbo

United Aircraft Tubro
Canadian National
No. 4727 -Powered -1969 Release
No. 4747 -Dummy -1969 Release

Bachmann N-scale UA Turbo

United Aircraft Tubro
Penn Central
No. 4720 -Powered -1969 Release
No. 4740 -Dummy -1969 Release

An interesting addition to the N-scale catalog arrives in 1969 with Bachmann's model of the United Aircraft Turbo. A powered end/engine is listed for $10.98; non-powered dummy is also listed at $3.98. Sandwiched between the ends a 57' United Aircraft Turbo Coach is found in the Rolling Stock section of the '69 catalog with a $3 retail. Roadnames originally included Penn Central and CN. There is a good spread in the stock numbers (4720-4727) leaving one to wonder what other roadnames might have been conjured for this model. Listed as a "Bachmann Exclusive," which was standard practice for the company in the '70s, the United Aircraft Turbo Train was also offered in '69 as a 5-unit train set with power pack for $28 and without power pack for $23. Unlike the Budd Metroliner, Bachmann kept its Turbo as an N-scale only release and no HO-scale model was produced.

The May 1970 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine puts Bachmann's Budd Metroliner and UA Turbo on the Test Track for review. The review states Bachmann's Turbo operated smoothly and easily negotiated 9" radius curves, "due to the clever tracking arrangement on the single axle truck units."

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