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AHM Minitrains Narrow
                           Guage Work Train Locomotive

HO-Scale Narrow Gauge
Work Train Locomotive
No. 3003 -1967 Release

AHM Minitrains Narrow
                           Guage Plant Switcher

HO-Scale Narrow Gauge
Plant Switcher
No. 3002 -1967 Release

AHM Minitrains Narrow Guage
                           Plymouth Switcher JDT Locomotive

AHM Minitrains Plymouth Switcher

HO-Scale Narrow Gauge
Plymouth Switcher JDT
No. 3001 -1965 Release
This Plymouth is among the first of the HO narrow gauge releases from AHM.  You'll find a review of the loco in the September 1965 issue of Model Railroader magazine.

AHM Minitrains Rectifier

HO-Scale Narrow Gauge
Rectifier Locomotive
No. 3006 -1967 Release