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AHM Minitrains Baldwin 0-4-0

HO-Scale Narrow Gauge
Baldwin 0-4-0 Steam Engine
No. 3011 -1967 Release
AHM's 1967-68 catalog information for this loco stated it was a, "12-Ton Steam Loco as used by the Portland Cement Co., Franklin Sugar Refinery and other companies for carrying coal, gravel and other materials to the plants or between points of industry and to the mail railroads.  Loco has operating headlight."

HO-Scale Narrow Gauge
Coal Burner 0-4-0 Steam Engine 
No. 3012 -1966 Release

HO-Scale Narrow Gauge
Union Pacific 0-4-0 Steam Engine with Tender
No. 3014 -1967 Release
AHM literature stated, "This Forney type locomotive, built by the Schenectady Locomotive Works, was first used in 1876. Equipped with a so called "congdon" smoke stack.  This engine was named for Mathias Forney, who patented the design in 1866."

AHM Minitrains Narrow Guage
                           Wood Burner

HO-Scale Narrow Gauge
Wood Burner Steam Engine
No. 3013 -1967 Release
"Builty by H. K. Porter of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the last years of the 19th Century when narrow gauge saw its peak.  It was not only used for industrial comlexes, but also for regular narrow gauge service.  The diamond smoke stack is typical for wood burning locomotives," said AHM's 1967-68 catalog.  This model had a retail of $11.95 in the late '60s.

AHM Minitrains Narrow Guage 0-4-4

HO-Scale Narrow Gauge
Forney 0-4-4 Steam Engine 
No. 3010 -1968 Release
AHM presents an illustration of the prototype 0-4-4 Forney in the company's 1967-68 catalog.  The model is listed with a $9.95 retail and no roadname is present.  AHM catalog copy states, "This engine can still be seen today at the Edaville Railroad, South Carver, Mass., where it runs with several of its sisters on a small Narrow Gauge line.  Forney locos were perhaps the most popular types on many Narrow Gauge Railroads across the country and vary only slightly in design."

AHM Minitrains Narrow Guage
                           2-6-2 Baldwin

HO-Scale Narrow Gauge
Baldwin 2-6-2 Steam Engine
No. 3009 -1967 Release
This AHM Minitrains narrow gauge steam engine appears to be the biggest locomotive cataloged for the 9mm line.  It is presented as a Fall 1967 release with a $14.95 retail in the AHM 1967-68 catalog.

AHM's Minitrains collection of steam engines for HOn 9mm track operation included a number of selections. The most common is likely the Baldwin 0-4-0. Additionally, AHM also offered a Coal Burner, Wood Burner and Union Pacific Loco with Tender. In the 1967-68 catalog AHM shows illustrations for a Forney 0-4-4 and Baldwin 2-6-2. I am not certain that either was produced. They are absent from AHM listings by the early 1970s.