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The AHM HOn 2 1/2 Narrow Gauge MiniTrains rode on standard N-Scale track, but were sized for HO-Scale.  This is very similar to today's Bachmann line of On30 items that are sized for O-Scale, but ride on HO-Scale track. 
The Minitrains HOn line is introduced in 1965.  Additionally items arrive in 1967.  To my knowledge a few of the 1967 and 1968 promised items never arrive. 
The unique AHM HOn 2 1/2 Narrow Gauge line meets its demise in early 1971.  A full-page ad found in the February 1971 edition of Railroad Model Craftsman includes the bulk of AHM's Narrow Gauge line in a "Final Closeout!" sale.  The ad copy boasts that AHM's Narrow Gauge line, "has had good acceptance" however it was being dropped according to this ad.  Those with a spare $6 could take home the Diesel, 10-Cars, and Track (No.3068); the Diesel, 4-Cars, and Track (No. 3051) was only $4.88; the Western Union Express (No.3061) was down to $9.99; and the group of locos were all going out the door starting at $3.77 each.
IHC imports the HO narrow gauge collection at least once to my knowledge in the 1980s.
The line was produced by Egger-bahn in Germany for AHM. 

Click to View Larger Image of Jouef 1969 HOn 2-1/2 Narrow Gauge trains

Given the time these train were offered by AHM in the late '60s and the uniqueness of the size, one might think they were only HOn2-1/2 model trains offered. French make Jouef also had HOn2-1/2 trains. Illustrated are examples from 1969 of the Jouef HO narrow gauge releases.

AHM 1966 ad

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