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TYCO Catalogs 1981-1986


Displayed on this page, you'll see the Track and Accessories produced by TYCO for its US-1 Electric Trucking line.  Below the item's image is the TYCO stock number and product name, followed by the years the item was found in TYCO product catalogs.

9" Turnout Section
(No.3700 - 1981-1985)

9" Straight Section
(sold in pairs)
(No.3701 - 1981-1985)

6" Straight Section
(sold in pairs)
(No.3702 - 1981-1985)

15" Straight Section
(sold in pairs)
(No.3703 - 1981-1985)

9" Radius Curve 1/4-Circle Section
(sold in pairs)
(No.3705 - 1981-1985)

9" Radius Curve 1/8-Circle Section
(sold in pairs)
(No.3706 - 1981-1982)

12" Radius Curve Section
(sold in pairs)
(No.3708 - 1981-1985)

9" Lane Changers Section
(sold in pairs)
(No.3717 - 1981)

9" Road and Rail Crossing Section
(No.3727 - 1981-1985)

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