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TYCO Catalogs 1981-1986

Displayed on this page, you'll see the Vehicles produced by TYCO for its US-1 Electric Trucking line.  Below the Vehicle's image is the TYCO stock number and product name, followed by the years the item was found in TYCO product catalogs.

TYCO US-1 Pick-Up #3951 from 1981

Pick-Up Truck
(Smith's Tire Orange and Black)
(No.3951 - 1981-1982)

TYCO US-1 Federal Express Van #3952 from 1981

Van (Federal Express)
(No.3952 - 1981-1982)

TYCO US-1 Polic Car #3953

Police Car (Blue and White)
(No.3953 - 1981-1984)

TYCO US-1 Ambulance #3954

(No.3954 - 1981-1984)

TYCO US-1 Airport Taxi #3955 from 1981

Airport Taxi (Blue)
(No.3955 - 1981-1982)

TYCO US-1 Firebird #3956 from 1981

Firebird (Black)
(No.3956 - 1981-1984)

TYCO US-1 Army Jeep #3957

Army Jeep
(No.3957 - 1983-1984)

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