Pony Loco and Tender 0-4-0
Mikado and Tender 2-8-2
General Loco and Tender 4-4-0
Pacific and Tender 4-6-2
1890 Loco and Tender 4-6-0
Prairie and Tender 2-6-2
Booster Loco 0-4-0
Shifter and Tender 0-4-0
Texas and Tender 2-10-4
Dixie Belle 4-6-0
Consolidation 2-8-0
Spirit of America and Tender 4-6-0
1880 Twelve-Wheeler 4-8-0
Steam Loco and Tender 0-8-0
Steam Loco and Tender 0-6-0

Pacific 4-6-2 B&O

Pacific 4-6-2 and Tender
Baltimore & Ohio
No. 212-G -1974 Release
No. 212-02 -1975 Release

Pacific 4-6-2 Chessie

Pacific 4-6-2 and Tender
Chessie System 
No. 212-03 -1975 Release

Pacific 4-6-2 Crescent Limited

Pacific 4-6-2 and Tender
Crescent Limited
No. 212-F -1974 Release
No. 212-12 -1975 Release

Pacific & Tender Pennsylvania

Pacific 4-6-2 and Tender
No. 212-01 -1979 Release

Pacific & Tender Union Pacific

Pacific 4-6-2 and Tender
Union Pacific
No. 212-23 -1971 Release

The 1971-72 catalog displays the Pacific for $28 fully built and lettered Union Pacific. A kit version(#7708) is also available, selling for $17. The Pacific is still only shown in Union Pacific in 1972-73 and 1973-74 and is still selling for $28.

The 1974-75 catalog has the Pacific selling for $30 and is shown decorated for Baltimore & Ohio and Southern's Crescent Limited. The same two roadname are shown in 1975-76, with Chessie System added, and all sell for $38 each in fully constructed versions. The Pacific kit is $21 in the 1975-76 catalog. The 1976 catalog has the Pacific for $42 ready-to-run in Chessie and Union Pacific. The kit version in 1976 sells for $22. For 1977, the Pacific is $47 with the kit selling for $32.

No prices are provided in catalogs with the arrival of the 1978 catalog. The steam engine kits are also absent beginning in 1978. The Pacific continues to be listed in 1978 with Chessie as the only roadname shown. The 1979 through 1982 catalogs show the Pacific available only in Pennsylvania. The Pacific is no longer found in TYCO's line beginning with the 1983 catalog.