Lone Star
Arnold Rapido
Aurora Postage Stamp

                           Rapido ad 1964

From Germany came Arnold Rapido's line of 1:160th model trains in the early 1960s. This early entrant to N-scale offered North American prototypes F7A and Baldwin diesel switcher models; plus European prototype locos: German V-200 diesel, 2-6-4 tank steamer; a Swiss electric; and old-timer 0-6-0 Tank T-3 of Prussian State Railway design. Th early Arnold Rapido rolling stock included strealiner passenger cars, box car, tank car, gondola, a horse car, and Union Pacific inspired caboose. German prototype rolling stock was also available. The Arnold Rapido loco models featured plastic shells with die-cast metal underframes. The drive was more advanced than the Lone Star rubber band. The Arnold Rapido drive was worm gear driven. Arnold Rapido is the developer of what became the standard N-scale coupler for many years, known commonly as Rapido Couplers. Arnold Raipdo products first became available in the United States via importer Charles Merzbach. The F7 had an early 1960s retail of $13.98 each.

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