Pony Loco and Tender 0-4-0
Mikado and Tender 2-8-2
General Loco and Tender 4-4-0
Pacific and Tender 4-6-2
1890 Loco and Tender 4-6-0
Prairie and Tender 2-6-2
Booster Loco 0-4-0
Shifter and Tender 0-4-0
Texas and Tender 2-10-4
Dixie Belle 4-6-0
Consolidation 2-8-0
Spirit of America and Tender 4-6-0
1880 Twelve-Wheeler 4-8-0
Steam Loco and Tender 0-8-0
Steam Loco and Tender 0-6-0

TYCO Mikado 2-8-2 and

Mikado 2-8-2 and Tender
No. 208-01 -1971 Release

Mikado 2-8-2 and Tender

Mikado 2-8-2 and Tender
Santa Fe
No. 208-22 -1975 Release

TYCO's 1971-72; 1972-73; and 1973-74 catalogs show a Pennsylvania Mikado (#208) retailing for $30, plus a a kit version (#7709) selling for $18. The 1974-75 catalog has the Pennsy Mikado for $32 and the kit version for $20. The 1975-76 catalog prices the Mikado at $40(R-T-R) and $24(Kit); 1976 has the built version at $45. and the kit is $30. For 1977, the Mikado is $50 for built examples and the kit is $34.

This steam locomotive is gone from TYCO's annual catalogs beginning with its 1978 edition.  This is the same year Mantua returns to HO-scale and brings marketing the bulk of the Mantua-TYCO steam line.

View imaages of the 1970s TYCO HO-scale Mikado Steam Locomotive, plus informaiton on detailing this model from a classic 1976 Railroad Modeler magazine article.