Pony Loco and Tender 0-4-0
Mikado and Tender 2-8-2
General Loco and Tender 4-4-0
Pacific and Tender 4-6-2
1890 Loco and Tender 4-6-0
Prairie and Tender 2-6-2
Booster Loco 0-4-0
Shifter and Tender 0-4-0
Texas and Tender 2-10-4
Dixie Belle 4-6-0
Consolidation 2-8-0
Spirit of America and Tender 4-6-0
1880 Twelve-Wheeler 4-8-0
Steam Loco and Tender 0-8-0
Steam Loco and Tender 0-6-0

Shifter Loco Pennsy

Shifter 0-4-0 and Tender
No. 238-01 -1975 Release

Shifter and Tender 0-4-0

Shifter 0-4-0 and Tender
Santa Fe
No. 238-C -1971 Release
No. 238-22 -1975 Release

The 1971-72; 1972-73; and 1974-75 TYCO product catalogs display its Shifter for $16 fully built and lettered Santa Fe. A kit version (#7703) is also available, selling for $12. The Shifter in 1974-75's catalog sells for $18 and is presented in Santa Fe.

The 1975-76 catalog has the Shifter selling for $22 and is shown decorated again in Santa Fe. The kit version in 1975-76 is selling for $15. The 1976 catalog features the Shifter in Pennsylvania and sells for $27 in fully constructed versions. The Shifter kit is absent from the 1976 catalog. The 1977 catalog is the final appearance of the TYCO Shifter, still priced at $27 ready-to-run in Pennsy.