Pony Loco and Tender 0-4-0
Mikado and Tender 2-8-2
General Loco and Tender 4-4-0
Pacific and Tender 4-6-2
1890 Loco and Tender 4-6-0
Prairie and Tender 2-6-2
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Shifter and Tender 0-4-0
Texas and Tender 2-10-4
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Texas and Tender 2-10-4

Texas 2-10-4 and Tender
No. 239 -1973 Release

For the period surveyed by this website (1971-1993), TYCO's Texas and Tender 2-10-4 makes only one appearance. The 1973-74 TYCO catalog presents this giant steam engine as 'NEW!' and prices it at $35.00 in a ready-to-run version lettered for Pennsylvania.

The Texas steamer carries TYCO's 239 model number and no kit version is listed.
The Texas 2-10-4 first appears in TYCO's 1968-69 catalog during the Red Box Era (1960-1970).  Listed then as a new item, the never released Texas is illustrated with Santa Fe lettering.  The Texas is back in the 1969-70 catalog with C&O markings. 

None of these locos were ever known to have been produced by TYCO.  Research information suggests the company had design difficulties that included the model's poor performance navigating train set 18-inch radius curves. 

In 1978, Mantua's name is brought back and the company's main focus is HO-scale steam locomotives.  This Texas 2-10-4 does not find release during Mantua's 1978-2001 run.  Research has confirmed that Model Power has reported that it does have the toolings for this model, as it owns Mantua's line.  Model Power's line is licensed by Model Rectifier Corp. (MRC) as of 2014.