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Crane Car and Work Caboose
Black Unlettered
No. 5-3401 -1974 Release

Lionel HO Crane

Crane Car and Work Caboose
Union Pacific
No. 5-8422 -1975 Release

Good luck with those decals. The Lionel HO Crane Car appears to be raw black-cast plastic, as such the decals would have some difficulty sticking to the side of the model. This was a curious release by Lionel, as they included Union Pacific decals and basically did not finish the model. The Work Caboose is not presented in the illustration presented on this page, but was sold with the Crane, generally according to information known.

Most of the Roco produced Lionel HO items in the 1970s line disappeared after the first year or two. The Crane is the exception. Perhaps enough inventory existed to satisfy demand for the run of Lionel HO in 1970s.

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