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Traintown Building Kit
ABC Freight Station
No. 47-1501 -1982 Release

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Traintown Building Kit
G&R LCL Depot
No. 47-1502 -1982 Release

Traintown Building Kit
Inspection Car Shed with Office
No. 47-1505 -1982 Release

Traintown Building Kit
Passenger Station
No. 47-1506 -1982 Release

Traintown Building Kit
Poultry Warehouse
No. 47-1503 -1982 Release

Traintown Building Kit
Switch Tower
No. 47-1504 -1982 Release

Bachmann introduces this group of six kits in the company's 1982 catalog. The Traintown Building Kits are unique in Bachmann's history of building kits, as they are made of cardboard. The catalog stated, "Each building is die cut of sturdy board with minor assembly required. Also included in each kit are enough plastic people, animals or cars to complete the 'fool-the-eye' effect."

The kits retailed for $3 each and are found again in 1983 and 1984 unchanged from their 1982 appearance, but gone as of 1985.

Bachmann's N-scale line also had a selection of Traintown Buildking Kits. The N-scale offerings differed from the HO-scale's six styles with the 1:160th collection including: a Passenger Station; Freight Station; Barn; Factory Complex; Trolley Barn; and 2-Stall Engine House. None of the N-scale Traintown Building Kits matched the design of the HO-scale offerings.

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