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Above is Lionel's display for its return to the HO-scale model train market featured at the hobby trade show of 1974.
Railroad Modeler magazine's May 1974 issue included an article, "Preview '74," detailing the highlights found at the annual Hobby Industry Association of America's trade show in Chicago, Illinois.  Lionel's comeback in HO-scale was called, "the surprise of the show" by Railroad Modeler magazine.  Lionel's General Electric motors, found in the early production diesels, are stated as having "been used successfully for year in small appliances including electric razors." 
Lionel's first loco offerings included the GP9 and Alco FA, both of which the magazine mentions as being "all new dies," which I don't believe is completely correct.  The Alco FA-1 tooling is from the company's 1960s collection.  It also stated that Lionel will sell trains in HO-scale only in set form for at least the first year.

From December 1975 comes this ad from Lionel proclaiming the company "means business in HO."
The new items for 1975 are featured in the full page advertisement, including the U18-B diesel locomotive. The 1975 U18-B roster included the CP Rail, Soo Line, and Rio Grande, plus an Undecorated example.
Three Lionel kits for 1975 are also illustrated: House with Figures, Stockyard and Figures, and Bolierhouse with Accessories.
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