1960 Catalog

TYCO 1960 Catalog Cover

The TYCO 1960 Catalog is packed full of HO-scale trains from the Santa Fe F-9A bursting through the catalog cover to the Santa Fe Streamline Observation Car bursting through the back cover, all for just fifteen-cents according to the price on the cover.
There are 16 train sets featured in the 1960 catalog.  For complete details check out the Train Sets section of this site. 
One page near the middle of the catalog is devoted to "The Story Behind TYCO HO Trains" and provides nine small black and white pictures of the Mantua plant in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey.
There are no TYCO Kits and no section for Action Cars and Accessories in 1960.  The nearest one comes to decoration items are the Stone Bridge (No.T808) and an Over and Under Pier Set (No.T843).  Though not separated into its own category, TYCO has the Animated Brakeman Box Car available in either M&StL(No.326A) or TH&B (No.T326B), that represents the one Action Car for 1960.
Steam Locomotives found in the 1960 TYCO Catalog include the Mikado 2-8-2; Pacific 4-6-2; Shifter 0-4-0; Big Six 0-6-0; Booster 0-4-0; and 1860 General 4-4-0 engines.  The all-metal RF-16 Shark Nose makes an appearance among the Diesel Locomotives in 1960.  Also among TYCO's Diesels that year is the dual-ended Industrial Diesel and powered and non-powered F-9As, but no F-9B units.
The TYCO 1960 Catalog is exclusively model trains, the HO-scale slot cars are still a couple years in the future at this point.
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