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Lighted Caboose
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Safety First
The 1981 Life-Like catalog featured a "Hot Off The Drawing Board" theme.  Pages of the publication included what appeared to be blueprints laid over the lower portion of certain pages.  The Lighted Caboose is presented in '81 as a new item with a reference to the "Safety Paint Scheme" and the model has the 8085 stock number.  The retail is $6.50 according to Life-Like's 1981 price list, but that list includes 8084 as the stock number.  The 1982 Life-Like catalog includes an actual picture of the orange caboose model with "Safety First" markings.

Life-Like's 1979 includes the Lighted Caboose as a new item in the Action Cars line.  The caboose shown is a Conrail decorated model and the telltale electrical pick-up wheels are visable in the picture.  The stock number in '79 is 08513.  The Conrail model is shown again in 1980's catalog.