Auto Carrier with Autos

Auto Carrier with Autos
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Crane Car
Gondola w/Removable Containers
Lighted Caboose
Searchlight Car
Track Cleaning Car

Bi-Level Auto Rack w/6 Chevy Citations (#8089)

Life-Like Auto Carrier with Older Autos

NEW FOR 1982
Life-Like's shorty Bi-Level Auto Rack was the same length, 50-foot, as the Athearn/Lionel-HO and its near-clone the TYCO Auto Loader.  However Life-Like's model resembles a much more modern auto carrier than the others.  Sadly, Life-Like only ever offered its Auto Rack with a yellow Trailer Train flat base with red Santa Fe rack.  The model initially came with early '80s Chevy Citations.  Later examples featured a much finer, but old example auto.

Flat with Autos
Prior to Life-Like's introduction of the Auto Carrier model, the line did include a automobile transporter.  The rather basic Flat Car with Autos was part of the early Life-Like catalog in the 1970s.