D-101 ALCO DL-640
D-102 ALCO DL-600B
D-103 ALCO HH-600
D-104 ALCO C-630 Low Hood
D-106 ALCO RS-1
D-105 ALCO C-855 B
D-107 ALCO C-855 A
D-108 ALCO DL-701
D-109 ALCO FA-1
D-110 ALCO C-420 Low Hood
D-111 ALCO C-643DH
D-112 ALCO DL-440
D-113 GE U25B
D-114 ALCO DL-600B High Hood
D-115 ALCO C-420 High Hood
D-116 ALCO S-1
D-117 ALCO C-630 High Hood
D-118 ALCO DL-721 -KMT Japan
D-118 ALCO DL-721 -Korea
D-119 BLW RF-16
D-119B BLW RF-16 B-Unit
D-120 FM Erie Built
D-120A BP-20
D-121 ALCO RSD-4/5
D-122 FM Erie Built -Style #2
D-123 ALCO RS-3
D-124 ALCO DL-702
D-124H ALCO DL-702 High Hood
D-125 BLW RT-624
D-126 GE U36B
D-127 MLW RS-18
D-128 GE U28CG
D-129 ALCO S-2
D-130 EMD SD-45
D-131 GE U30CG
D-132 ALCO RS-2
D-133 GE U23B
D-134 GE U-50C
D-135 ALCO C-425
D-137 GE U33C
D-138 ALCO C-628 Low Hood
D-139 ALCO C-628 High Hood
D-140 EMD SW-1
D-141 ALCO C-636
D-142 EMD SD-40
D-142 HB EMD SD-40 High Hood
D-142 LB EMD SD-40L
D-143 EMD GP-40
D-143 HB EMD GP-40 High Hood
D-143L EMD GP-40 Dynamic Brakes
D-144 ALCO C-430
D-145 FM CFA-16-4
D-146 LIMA 1200hp
D-147 GE 44-Ton
D-148 EMD NW-2
D-149 EMD DD40X
D-150 GE 1-30 Gas Turbine
D-151 EMD SW-1500
D-152 EMD E-7
D-153 FM CPA-24-5
D-154 ALCO S-3
D-155 ALCO S-5
D-156 EMD SD45T-2
D-159 EMD SW-10
D-165 ALCO S-4
D-166 EMD SD40-2 UP
D-169 GE Steam Turbine #1
EMD SD40-2
D-176 EMD DD-35A
D-177 EMD DD-35B
D-178 EMD GP-30 Low Hood
D-179 EMD GP-30B
D-182 EMD 'SC' Winton 600 hp
D-186 GP38-2
Sources and Links

Union Pacific's Centennial arrived in HO scale first in brass from ALCO Models in 1976. The retail price was $225 for this giant model that measured over 13-inches in length. The Centennial was built by KMT in Japan for ALCO Models. The model was reviewed in the November 1976 issue of RAILROAD MODELER magazine. The magazine's review stated the model utilizes a pair of Pittman-type motors and maximum scale speed was measured to be 60 mph. For prototype accuracy, the review notes ALCO Models provided air reservoirs are separate items included, but not attached to the model. This featured allowed for creation of different examples of the DD40X, as per prototype.

Owned exclusively by Union Pacific, EMD's DDA40X was built between 1969 and 1971 with 47 examples produced. The double diesel produced 6,600 horsepower and know as the Centennial. The DDA40X is the most powerful and longest diesel locomotive produced.

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The first plastic model of EMD's DD40X arrives in 1980 from Bachmann in HO-scale. Bachmann would later enhance the model and offer it in the company's Spectrum line. More recently, Bachmann has installed a DCC decoder and presented the DD40X in their DCC on Board series of releases.

Athearn Genesis

Athearn Genesis DD40X

Athearn's Genesis series of high end HO-scale releases introduced a DD40X to the line in 2012. The Genesis DD40X features numerous separately applied parts and state of the art tooling. Athearn presents the model in standard DC and DCC Tsunami Sound equipped examples.