D-101 ALCO DL-640
D-102 ALCO DL-600B
D-103 ALCO HH-600
D-104 ALCO C-630 Low Hood
D-106 ALCO RS-1
D-105 ALCO C-855 B
D-107 ALCO C-855 A
D-108 ALCO DL-701
D-109 ALCO FA-1
D-110 ALCO C-420 Low Hood
D-111 ALCO C-643DH
D-112 ALCO DL-440
D-113 GE U25B
D-114 ALCO DL-600B High Hood
D-115 ALCO C-420 High Hood
D-116 ALCO S-1
D-117 ALCO C-630 High Hood
D-118 ALCO DL-721 -KMT Japan
D-118 ALCO DL-721 -Korea
D-119 BLW RF-16
D-119B BLW RF-16 B-Unit
D-120 FM Erie Built
D-120A BP-20
D-121 ALCO RSD-4/5
D-122 FM Erie Built -Style #2
D-123 ALCO RS-3
D-124 ALCO DL-702
D-124H ALCO DL-702 High Hood
D-125 BLW RT-624
D-126 GE U36B
D-127 MLW RS-18
D-128 GE U28CG
D-129 ALCO S-2
D-130 EMD SD-45
D-131 GE U30CG
D-132 ALCO RS-2
D-133 GE U23B
D-134 GE U-50C
D-135 ALCO C-425
D-137 GE U33C
D-138 ALCO C-628 Low Hood
D-139 ALCO C-628 High Hood
D-140 EMD SW-1
D-141 ALCO C-636
D-142 EMD SD-40
D-142 HB EMD SD-40 High Hood
D-142 LB EMD SD-40L
D-143 EMD GP-40
D-143 HB EMD GP-40 High Hood
D-143L EMD GP-40 Dynamic Brakes
D-144 ALCO C-430
D-145 FM CFA-16-4
D-146 LIMA 1200hp
D-147 GE 44-Ton
D-148 EMD NW-2
D-149 EMD DD40X
D-150 GE 1-30 Gas Turbine
D-151 EMD SW-1500
D-152 EMD E-7
D-153 FM CPA-24-5
D-154 ALCO S-3
D-155 ALCO S-5
D-156 EMD SD45T-2
D-159 EMD SW-10
D-165 ALCO S-4
D-166 EMD SD40-2 UP
D-169 GE Steam Turbine #1
EMD SD40-2
D-176 EMD DD-35A
D-177 EMD DD-35B
D-178 EMD GP-30 Low Hood
D-179 EMD GP-30B
D-182 EMD 'SC' Winton 600 hp
D-186 GP38-2
Sources and Links

The 1/87th HO-scale market has seen a number of RF-16 Sharks produced over the years. Mantua offered the original HO-scale example as a die-cast all-metal Shark in the '50s. Next in HO-scale was Model Power's RF-16s in the early '70s imported from Austria and made by Roco. Both the Mantua and Model Power Sharks had A- and B-units offered. TYCO introduced a plastic version based on the Mantua tooling in 1976 in A-unit only. E-R Models was next in the '90s with a Shark similar to the Model Power examples of the early '70s. The E-R Models RF-16 was also a Roco-Austria product. The most recent and perhaps best example of the Baldwin RF-16 to arrive in the U.S. in plastic form comes from Bachmann. Bachmann introdcued a new tooling A- and B-unit RF-16 around 2005. Broadway Limited, some years ago, announced an RF-16, but to date nothing has materialized.

The Baldwin Locomotive Works RF-16 or Shark Nose Diesel is popular in the hobby world, however the prototype did not enjoy the same attention.
Wikipedia tells us the RF-16 was a 1,600 horsepower diesel built between 1950 and 1953 with 160 examples produced. Of the 160 made, 109 were A-units and 51 were B-units. Original owners included only three railroads: Baltimore & Ohio; New York Central; and Pennsylvania. All original owners purchased both A- and B-units RF-16 models. Monongahela purchased RF-16s from the New York Central in '67. The Delaware & Hudson picked two of the ex-NYC units from Monongahela in 1974 and operated them with a fair amount of notoriety until 1978.