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All Door Box Car
Box Car -40ft. 5486-series
Box Car -40ft Double Door Wood
Box Car -41' Hi-Cube
Box Car -40ft. 5241-series
Box Car -40ft. 12000-series
Box Car -40ft Metal 5238
Box Car -40ft PS-1
Box Car -40ft Rivarossi 5279
Box Car -40ft Wood-Sheathed
Box Car -50ft Combination Door
Box Car -50ft Double-Plug Door
Box Car -50ft Plug Door
Box Car -60ft Single Door
Box Car -Old Time
Bulkhead Flat Car
Caboose -Bay Window
Caboose -Extended Vision -Roco 5485
Caboose -Extended Vision -12000
Caboose -Old Time
Caboose -Old Time Drover's
Caboose -Standard Cupola
Caboose -Streamline Cupola
Calcium Carbide Car
Cattle Car -40ft. -1st Version
Cattle Car -40ft. -2nd Version Roco
Cattle Car -40ft. -3rd Version Hong Kong/Taiwan
Center Flow Hopper
Coil Car
Container Carrier
Covered Hopper -47ft.
Crane Car
Flat Car
Flat Car -Old Time
Flat Car with 2 Autos
Flat Car with Bridge Load
Flat Car with Boat Props
Flat Car with Cable Reels -Lima
Flat Car with Cable Reels
Flat Cars with Trailers
Flat Cars with Containers
Flat Cars -Specialty
Flat Car w/Truck Load
Flat Car -16 Wheel with Load
Flexi-Flow Hopper
Gondola -Old Time
Gondola -40ft
Gondola w/Load -40ft.
Gondola -50ft. Outside Braced
Gondola -50ft.
Gondola 50-foot -Hong Kong
Helium Carrier
Hopper Car -40ft Open
Hopper -50ft. Ribbed Side
Horse Car -Old Time
Log Car
Palace Stock Car
Pulpwood Car
Ore Car
Reefer -40ft Private Owner
Reefer -41ft
Reefer -50ft. Outside Braced
Reefer -50ft. Smooth Side
Reefer -50ft Thermo King
Stock Car -50ft.
Stock Car -Old Time
Tank Car -50ft. In-Transit Heated
Tank Car -Chemcial Tank 40ft.
Tank Car -Single Dome 5276
Tank Car -40ft.
Tank Car -40ft Three-Dome
Tank Car -40ft Six-Dome
Tank Car -62ft. Single-Dome
Tank Car -Old Time 6255
Tank Car -Old Time
Track Cleaning Car
Vinegar Car
Watermelon Car
Wreck Crane with Work Car
Wrecking Crane
Track Maintenance Car
Old Time Cars
U.S. Army Trains
Jumpin' GI Jeep
Action Cars
Operating Cars

40-foot Gondola
No. 5431-17 -1979 Release

40-foot Gondola
Ann Arbor
No. 5546
No. 5431-K

40-foot Gondola
Boston & Maine
No. 5444

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40-foot Gondola
No. 5439
No. 5278-F
No. 5539

40-foot Gondola
Burlington Northern
No. 5431-F

40-foot Gondola
Canadian National
No. 5547
No. 5431-L

40-foot Gondola
Chessie System

No. 5431-M
No. 12212

40-foot Gondola
Chicago & Eastern Illinois
No. 5278-B

40-foot Gondola
Chicago & North Western
No. 5437

40-foot Gondola
Cotton Belt
No. 5441

40-foot Gondola
Denver & Rio Grande
No. 5445
No. 5545
No. 5431-J
No. 12213

40-foot Gondola
Great Northern
No. 5278-D

40-foot Gondola
Illinois Central
No. 5543
No. 5431-H
No. 12214

40-foot Gondola
Jersey Central
No. 5443
No. 5278-H

40-foot Gondola
No. 5431-O

40-foot Gondola
Michigan Central
No. 5430

40-foot Gondola
No. 5432
No. 5431-C
No. 5532

40-foot Gondola
New Haven
No. 5438

40-foot Gondola
New York Central
No. 5278-C

40-foot Gondola
Norfolk Southern
No. 5434
No. 5534
No. 5531-D

40-foot Gondola
Norfolk & Western
No. 5434

40-foot Gondola
Penn Central
No. 5278-E

40-foot Gondola
No. 5431
No. 5531
No. 5431-B

40-foot Gondola
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie
No. 5544
No. 5431-I

40-foot Gondola
No. 5436
No. 5536

40-foot Gondola
Rock Island
No. 5535
No. 5431-E
No. 12211

40-foot Gondola
No. 5442

40-foot Gondola
Soo Line
No. 5431-P

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No. 5435
No. 5542
No. 5431-G

40-foot Gondola
Southern Pacific
No. 5446
No. 5278-G

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40ft. Gondola
Union Pacific
No. 5440

40-foot Gondola
Utah Coal
No. 5433