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1860 Passenger Coach
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1890 Coach
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Passenger Cars

TYCO produced three different types of passenger cars between 1960 and the early 1970's during The Red Box Era. The links down the left column provide more information regarding TYCO's passenger cars offerings.

Streamline Observation Passenger Car  -Canadian National

Pictured above is the Canadian National Streamline Observation Passenger Car.

TYCO's Streamline Passenger Cars were produced in three different body styles in the Ready-to-Run offerings: Combine, Coach, and Observation. A variety of roadnames were produced for this series of cars, including chromed versions.

In kit form, TYCO also offered a Baggage Car, Dining Car, and Sleeping Car. The kits also were offered with aluminum body sides.

1860 Coach

Pictured above is the Western & Atlantic 1860 Coach Passenger Car.

TYCO produced two Old-Time lines of passenger cars. The 1860 Old-Time series included a Combine and Coach car. The 1860 passenger car series was included in TYCO catalogs through the 1967-68 edition.

1890 Coach

Pictured above is the 1890 Coach Passenger Car in Pennsylvania paint.

The second of TYCO's two Old-Time lines of passenger cars was the 1890 Old-Time series.  This series included a Combine and Coach car. The 1890 passenger car series was introduced in TYCO's 1966-67 catalog.

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